About Us


Nikki Lewis Jones

I’m Nikki, the head cheese at Started From Scratch.

Here’s a bit of blurb about who you’ll be working with and how Started From Scratch, erm.. . started from scratch.

I was born in 1972, in Wales, and right from the get-go I was looking for ways to sell; flowers, fruit n veg, clothes – working out what sold and why.

But I was desperate to get to London. I had dreams of selling property there.

So I moved to the capital and started working at an estate agent, at the weekend – for free – while holding down another job.
I got spotted and ended up working for Berkeley Homes, before being headhunted by Countrywide, then headhunted again, by Halifax.
And there I was, at 22 – a senior sales manager.

I thought I’d cracked selling, and working life in general, then – around 1996 — someone plonked this big, chunky thing on my desk: a computer.

I realised that’s the way things were going: everything was going to be done through one of these things – sales, marketing, all communication.

I started my own property business, which I ran for 11 years, and in that time I became obsessed with the new platforms springing up online that were completely changing the face of marketing and how businesses – mine included – gained new customers.

Twitter seemed too quickfire, and I couldn’t see the marketing goldrush for it, but I could see something brewing online, so I bought the domain ‘Started From Scratch’.

And then it became clear that Facebook, as a visual platform – a platform where people share so much information – was the marketing channel for businesses.

I tracked down the leading courses for Facebook marketing professionals, spent over a year burying myself in studying the platform, then tested and tweaked – watching Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms like a hawk – to see what did and didn’t work. So far I’ve spent over 2 million pounds on adverts.

I saw that – with Facebook’s pinpoint targeting options – whatever money it allowed me to make, it made my clients at least triple that.

As myself and my team say: it’s time for all companies to compete with the big boys.

Nick Kira

Nick Kira

Copywriter, content writer, word fiddler – Nick writes whatever our clients need; Facebook ads, landing pages, email campaigns, video scripts, content for entire websites. He knows exactly what to say to get your target audience interested in your product or service, then convert them into hot leads. He can adapt to any tone of voice, get inside the mind of your target prospects to know how to write to them, and he’s just as comfortable with long copy as he is with snappy headlines and straplines.

He originally trained in copywriting and art direction, then worked in large, above-the-line advertising agencies and experiential marketing agencies, with clients such as; Nintendo, VW, Rowntree’s, Paramount Comedy, Clas Ohlson, and LastMinute.com.

He’s obsessed with cats, Fawlty Towers, and the Pink Panther films – and watches Danish films to appear intelligent.


Dee Atkins

Dee is our organiser, our client looker-after (it’s a real phrase – honest), our presentation creator. She plans, manages accounts, screens data, and creates killer pitches.

She’s swift, accurate, calm, and knows how to push a client’s campaign that little bit further.
There’s a reason for all of this: Having spent over 12 years in the recruitment industry, Dee knows that clients come first, and she knows what buyers – our client’s clients – would like to see.
She’s incredibly efficient, loves working to deadlines, and never sees problems – only solutions.

Outside of work Dee enjoys bacon, and owls … but never on the same plate.